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A world without stigma

By: Monique Smith

If we can all envision a world without stigma
there is hope that things will get better.

2nd · Adult Writing (2020)

We could finally ask for help,
and feel some protection.

We could share our deepest truth
without fear of rejection.

Instead of feeling flawed
we could get a diagnosis.

We could get a treatment plan
and a hopeful prognosis.

We could be honest and admit
we need lots of help and support.

We wouldn’t have to avoid our friends,
we could comfortably consort.

Insurance won’t make us feel
like we want something we don’t deserve.

We may actually get well
with our dignity preserved.

People would understand
we aren’t to be feared.

We may finally be accepted,
and not regarded as weird.

Let’s shatter the stigma
so it doesn’t survive.

A world without stigma
could save people’s lives.

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