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By: Karrah M.

2nd · Elementary Writing (2018)

Have you ever wondered what mental health is? Have you ever wondered how important it is compared to physical health? You may have an opinion about why and how much mental health matters to YOU, but here is my opinion.

Have you ever heard of mental health? Well, mental health is how we feel, think, and behave. If we didn’t have mental health, then what would we do? I think mental health is very important in many ways. Mental has to do with the mind. I think mental health is important because our behavior and feelings let people know how they make you feel and how they should act towards other people.

Here is how I think mental health compares to physical health . Mental health is how we feel, think and behave. Physical health is how you would take care of your body. Mental health is very important. Our behavior, feelings, and how we think are very important to our happiness. Taking care of your body may not be as important to how we think, feel, and behave.

We are usually happy, sad, or angry. I want you to be happy that you have mental health. We should all be happy. Try not to be stressful and angry often. Do what you can; take care of your body, learn to be less stressful, eat healthy, etc. You are in control and you can help take care of it. Mental health is very important and I want you to know how important it is. Some people might not know or care about mental health.I want you to care about it and know that it helps you.

I hope that you learned that mental health is important. I hope you know kl’low what mental health is and that you are glad about it!

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