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Look Through My Eyes

By: Alaina Brownlee

I grew up struggling with deep depression and I felt completely alone. The nature of my society made mental health a very taboo subject. Once I became an adult, I took the step towards therapy to finally get help. I was able to make connections to those who struggled along with me and our support for each other made us stronger. In my poem, I wanted to show the common war we battle and the potential strength we have to break the stigma around mental health.  I want others to know that hope is real and obtainable, so that is why mental health matters to me.

2nd · Adult Writing (2021)

Look through my eyes,
Don’t be scared of what you see.
Feel the torment compressing my head,
And the pain deep inside of me.

Carry the heaviness in my heart.
Keep up with my spinning brain.
Try to contain all my demons,
All while trying to escape the rain.

Control the war inside my head,
Watch their kindness come to a halt.
Run far away from their glowing eyes,
Your panic isn’t your fault.

Watch them keep you in a box,
Or a cookie cutter shape.
They can’t look past your flaws,
Don’t justify their mistake.

We are more than they say,
We are more than they choose.
Don’t back into their corner,
We have just as much to lose.

So pull yourself up,
Hold your head as you stand.
There is hope behind the clouds,
Your happiness is a fair demand.

Keep your feet straight,
Use your voice to be heard.
Tell them about your past,
Teach them what you’ve learned.

Our voices maybe small,
But there are many in our crowd.
One day there will be victory,
And our message will be loud.

The burden may be heavy,
But your truth will set you free.
And one day they will realize,
They are just like you and me.

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