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Mental Health is Crucial for All

By: Zoey Ramteke

My own mental state inspired this poem. As a pre-teen, my journey of middle school is teaching me to observe my mental and physical health. This poem explains my journey, and my deep understanding of mental health. The theme of my poem is to persevere and to motivate others who need some help balancing their state of mind. I love expressing my thoughts and feelings through poems. I hope my readers understand this topic and spread the importance and awareness of mental health.

2nd Place · Middle School Writing (2024)

To me, mental health is my consciousness,

My guide to staying on the right path.

Wellbeing, my arrow, pointing in a direction, like a compass.

I travel through the world of mental health’s wrath.


Stress, Bipolar, PTSD and more.

No one should suffer alone with this problem.

Ask for help, and you will soar.

Being optimistic will encourage you to blossom.


Don’t be afraid to show your pain.

It’s alright to shed a tear.

Family and friends are there to help you sustain.

We’ll lend a hand, don’t worry about fear.


People who struggle with mental health… 

Together, we can stay strong and get through this.

Meditation, fitness, peace, and stealth.

Any helpful solution shouldn’t be dismissed.


Hope and faith inspire all to thrive.

So, what does mental health mean to me?

To persevere on going, we can continue to strive.

Mental health means the balanced state of mind that one can see.

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