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Mental Health

By: Cadence S.

1st · Middle School Writing (2018)

When you ask me about how mental health matters to be, I have to be perfectly honest. I believe that mental health is needed. All that it really means is that you are acknowledging your feelings. That is the whole point in mental health. You want to know your feelings, so that you could help yourself by improving yourself.

I can’t say in just these words how important mental health is. Without mental health we will all be lost souls lost in the world, waiting, hoping, wanting, and wondering when life can finally come back to us. We want you to realize that your feelings are okay. There is no right answer or wrong answer.

“We don’t know what the cause for mental illness is, but we have found that it could be your biology.” Stated the website: “In your brain something may not be able to get through. These does not help the person and makes the person unpredictable.” When you think about this, it is kinda strange. But they’re kids out there who get special treatment. ( I am also pretty sure that they don’t want that.) Why not treat them like we treat other kids? Because a lot of people are scared, what the outcome might be.

Demi Lovato, Bella Hadid, Rick Springfield, Ginger Zee, and Ryan Tedder. These are only a few celebrities, known people, that have mental illness. ( helped me with knowing these people.) But these people have not let their mental illness control their lives. Like I explained earlier, we don’t know how mental illness came into existence, but we do know how to try to cure it. These people have not let mental illness take over their lives.

For this conclusion, I will answer your question: Why does mental health matter to me? Well, mental health means a lot to me. For some people, mental illness takes away your chances of ever being equal. For others it means that people will to tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. It is both stupid and wrong. I believe that mental health is important, and I also believe that for those people that have mental illness, we shouldn’t treat them as weird aliens, but we should treat them like the humans they are.

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