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By: Vance G.

Roadkill is a very common thing to see in the neighborhood I live in. Whether I am on my way to school or on my way to Target, there’s always something dead in the middle of the road. I hope that viewers will be able to see themselves in roadkill just as I have seen myself in it too. I hope that people won’t just see roadkill as nothing anymore. Roadkill isn’t just roadkill and people who [die by] suicide should not be just a number. I chose this point of view of an animal that might get hit or run over by a car because I wanted to make the reader feel as if it were happening to them too. I wanted them to feel scared for their life because that’s what it feels like when your mental health is not so good.

3rd Place · High School Writing (2022)

as doe eyes lock with headlights
and deafening speed
blinded by the eyes from inside
oh how my life is stolen so quickly indeed
no one ever bothers to look behind or ahead
for it is where corpses lie
something stripped of their head
i never bother to look side to side
on every road and every corner
my bones become more and more exposed by the rotting of my flesh
the sun makes my spark out body feel warmer and warmer
days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months
these yellow lines are my grave
many visitors every day
but none of them will ever be saved
simply drag me to a nearby ley
turn me into jewelry or a trophy
remember me and make others repulsed
continue to be prosy
but remember who suffered the most

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