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William the Dyslexic Eagle

By: Deborah Rosales-Elkins

1st · Adult Writing (2018)

Once upon a time there was this little village of bunnies. It was a happy place with plenty of bunny parks and trails. The school was the perfect place for bunnies to learn all the things that bunnies do best. Hopping, nose twitching, carrot and cabbage gathering were just a few of the classes offered at the bunny school. Most bunnies loved their school and were very happy.

Except for William, once in a great while something miraculous would happen and a brilliant, magnificent eagle would be born. Since eagles were not born in bunny villages very often not many knew how special they were. Eagles were born to soar in the sky and see things with long eyes. Seeing with long eyes meant that they could take in everything at once. These wonderful birds think in pictures and often knew things that bunnies did not.

Life was wonderful when William was first born. His family cherished him and knew they had a very special child. But when William started bunny school everything changed. The bunny school had no classes on flying and soaring through the sky. They did not teach about seeing things with long eyes. Williams’s claws were not made for hopping and he had no bunny paws that could easily grip a pencil for writing. William did not do as well at these classes as his bunny classmates. Some of his classmates were a little confused about Williams’s abilities and would tell him he was not very smart. This hurt William’s feeling and he grew sad. He would ask his parents why he could not do the things the other bunnies did so easily.

His mother would hug her eagle and say you are brilliant and magnificent. You are being taught a valuable lesson about the world. You are being groomed for greatness and leadership. This is why it is so hard. Never forget how it feels to be made fun of will be the one to stop injustice of others.

Being different is hard but when you grow up you will find other eagles who know how to soar in the sky. It will not matter that you see letters and numbers a different way; you are destined to see things in a new way and bring solutions to problems that need to be solved.


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