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An Angel is Now in the Sky

By: Amy P.

Mental illness was brought up frequently in my family. We always say it’s a sickness that defeats all. I always read a lot of books, mostly mystery, fantasy, or young adult, and suicide was brought up in many. I was young, and believed that it only happened to teens or adults, because I always believed adults and teens had it worse than kids like me. I was very wrong. Ever since I was little I always went to church and officially started to help at the age of 7, Angel tutored me and helped me make friends. He was also a part of a soccer team and we would go to his games to cheer him on. He was always so happy. When my mom told me someone took their own life, Angel didn’t even come to mind; until my friend confirmed my nightmare. Since then whenever I see anyone alone I try my best to talk to them, or even wave at them. It’s a way to feel like I’m not guilty, and to help people who are struggling but can’t say a word. I want to help as much as I can, because maybe I can help myself one day too.

3rd · High School Writing (2021)

It all started with the death of a friend.
Who knew that young lives can come to an end?
He was barely fifteen.
He was always busy, but soccer was his favorite routine.

His teammates loved him.
His friends loved him.
His family loved him.
Yet, we lost him.
Suicide took him.

I remember it well!
It all started when my mom got a message saying farewell
To a church member that died.
All my brain did was deny.

My insomnia hit harder than ever.
I already knew that avoiding sadness was not clever.
During church, my friend pulled me aside
And asked me if I knew who died.
I shook my head to the sides and said “no.”
And with his words I took the blow.

“Angel took his own life” he said.
This news was hard to process through my head.
I was traumatized.
But why lie?

As time went on
I saw him tagging along.
I rubbed my eyes as if they were fooling me.
But he wasn’t there, and then left me be.

At nights, I would get panic attacks
Because I would see him at a glance.
Nobody knew what I was going through
And without any help, it only let my anger brew.

One day I decided to come back
And realized that I wasn’t the only one being attacked.
My friends had struggles too
And I didn’t want them to sit in their dark gloom.

Nobody should feel lonely
Even if it’s just for a while.
They shouldn’t suffer
Even if it’s just for a while.
I want to show that talking to them isn’t a chore
Even if it’s just for a while.
I want them to smile
Even if it’s just for a while.

You’re not alone.

I believe in you.

Stay here!

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