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Another Day, Another Battle

By: Taylor G.

I felt like there was something in my throat that I couldn’t get rid of, I couldn’t really “cough it out” since I had worked so hard to fix myself. This piece allowed me to speak freely with people without actually have to speak with them. I hope when others read this they realize that others have been in similar situations and that they too can work through it as long as they see that bright light at the end of the somber tunnel.

Honorable Mention · High School Writing (2021)

My eyes flutter as I spot the glistening sunrise coming through my cheap-looking blinds. I swing my legs around my bed and feel the uncomfortably itchy carpet under my feet. I stumble to my shower feeling lethargic from my slumber and think to myself “it’s just another day maybe something will be different today”. A pretty typical statement for a high school student to say, right? Well, this was my constant mindset throughout the majority of my junior year. I was unhappy, and constantly looking forward to when I could finally leave my painfully traditional small town and see what the world has for me. However, with the sudden COVID-19 quarantine it made this statement more of a mantra to my everyday life. I don’t remember the exact date that my life had a breakthrough and it’s a breakthrough that I think about constantly since it was a dark time for me. I gave myself more time to think and realized that my mental health was at an all-time low. It felt like I had no friends, no words, nothing! Just me, myself, and my thoughts. I was lucky enough to realize that I wasn’t well and decided to take action to improve my mental health. I started painting and playing video games to distract myself. It was through video games that I was actually able to find and connect with people who made me feel I wasn’t alone anymore. The ability to recognize this allowed me to stop bettering myself so I could be there for my family, specifically my mom. Instead of my mantra being another day, another battle it evolved into just another day, something to appreciate, enjoy and look forward to.

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