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Be careful because you may know them

By: Tonii R.G.

2nd · High School Writing (2019)

Pick a year, any year, now name any school, got one? Now pick a name, any name, be careful because you could know them. Imagine that year and that school there is a person sitting at a table with their friends with that name. They are the life of the party, they glow with beauty and are smart. They always have time to hang out with their friends and their anything and everything you could want in a partner. They have a loving family who is well off and gives them anything they want but they don’t act spoiled or rich. Instead they barely eat anything since their so busy talking and throw up what they did eat when they get home, but you don’t know that. Now pick another name any name, got it? Be careful because you may know them. Imagine it’s the same year at the same school and this person is sitting at a table by themselves, they are not nearly a popular as your first person, they don’t live in the best of neighborhoods and their parents are divorced and the parent that has custody of them turned to alcohol, but you don’t know that. They are constantly bullied and called fat even though no one can tell under the baggy clothes that the only food they get is the school lunches. The one friend they had moved schools and now their only escape from reality is to bury themselves in homework, but you don’t know that. So, tell me is it such a surprise when both teens who were secretly self-diagnosed with an eating disorder and depression end up dressed in black or burned and stuffed in a jar. These people have many names, just…be careful because you may know one.

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