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By: Kate V.

2nd · Middle School Writing (2019)

A thousand voices echoed through her mind.
“You are not right”
“You are not enough”
“You are not worthy”

As reluctant as she was, she could not ignore them.
I am not right”
I am not enough”
I am not worthy”

She wanted to push these thoughts down until they turned to dust.
But she couldn’t push hard enough,
Without help from someone
But who?

She swallowed a pill
An antidepressant
“I might wake up feeling different,
But I guess that that’s the point”

Is there a chemical imbalance in my brain?
Or am I just sad?
Am I emotionally scarred?
Or am I just sad?

It does not matter now.
This is how it ends.
The last thing I remember was the burning feeling.
And then I was in a hospital bed.

That was not the ending.
I have people to keep me from getting lonely
I have activities to keep my mind together
I have a new faith in Christ

There are now echoes of a thousand new voices
“You are right”
“You are enough”
“You are worthy”

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