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Be Yourself but Have a Friend

By: Kami M.

1st · Elementary Writing (2020)

You think you are alone and all on your own
You push people away, you’re scared to say this …
I am alone and scared and don’t know where I am going
People hurt me every day
I was alone in the night, but then you brought me in the light. You’re my only friend, you are nice and kind,
But I don’t know why you’re my friend
You have so much, I have too little
You’re my best friend to the very end,
You save me from the night and help me do what is right
You’re there when no one else is
You’ve been there since we were kids
You save me from my nightmares when no one else cares
You saved my mental health, and if you were not here, I would have gone insane, no one would have come
Thank you

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