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Splattered Paint

By: TaJayiah J.

3rd · Middle School Writing (2019)

My brain is splatter painting itself
Like I’m modern art
And you are sitting there watching me
Be a thunderstorm of low Serotonin
And I feel sorry I’m making you sit through this

I am either shaking so badly I cannot focus
Or I feel so tired I don’t want to bother
I am either sure I want to die
Or terrified of the possibility

I am either a short-fuse detonation
Or a long-time radiation.
I am leaking
I am leaking
I am falling apart like old copper pipes
And once a boy broke my heart
And I said it hurts less than I expected
Because I was already so used to breaking myself

And once I almost felt happy
But don’t worry
It went away before I could get attached
I’d like to feel like I’m not insane.

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