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Boundaries of the Mind

By: Ronok G. 

A few years back, a new kid joined our class in middle school. Eager to befriend him, I enthusiastically introduced myself and he introduced himself shyly. I always sat with my friends’ group at lunch and gestured to him to sit next to me, but he shook his head. Throughout the start of the year I tried hanging out with him but he always gently refused and pushed away. However slowly he started getting friendly with me.

One day I asked him why he was always sad, and isolated from others. He responded unclearly and tried ignoring the subject. I assured him, “If you ever need someone to talk to, just know I’m there.” The very next day his emotions just burst, he started crying and said he doesn’t feel good about himself, that nobody likes him and is apprehensive of messing up relationships so he is always self-conscious. I was shocked and told him that he was one of the nicest people, I had ever met, that he did not need to worry about anything. With his permission I introduced him to some of my friends and saw growth in his social life throughout the year. I felt joy seeing his smile and improvement in his self confidence. It is such a great feeling to help someone, so I wrote this poem to hopefully help more people who feel lonely and depressed.

3rd · Middle School Writing (2021)

They told me it would be fine
Everything would come together
Well wasn’t that a large lie
I can expect it certainly never
Trapped alone in the shadowed room
The doors and windows shut so tense
I will be lonely forever I can assume
Even if I break out there lies a fence
Why even try, when I know there’s despair
The only way free is to be saved
Oh who will come on the white mare
To help me out of this wretched place
He never came, nobody seems to care
No they did, looking right at my face
Talk to me if you ever need help
Why did the violin stay in the case
Why did it not play, the joy could be felt
Just take the chance to win the race
Between the demon of thought or tension and I
Standing up for I will not cry
The knight in armor was me the whole time
I took the hammer and destroyed my chain
I kicked down the door and ran to the right lane
I broke the fence and headed for the train
And well the train, the train took me where there was no rain
The paradise filled with being and sane
The paradise renounced as a new life

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