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By: Anahi G.

This is how I view the world right now. I silently observe everyone and I notice the small things. Sometimes, what they feel isn’t clear to me but helps me understand why we all struggle. Hurt people hurt people. Mental health is something real and even though I didn’t directly imply that many people struggle with it, I explained how it affects everyone else. I want people to understand that we’ve created the world we live in and we can help mend it. Although the past few years have been rough, we will get through it, we just need to love each other.

Honorable Mention · Middle School Writing (2022)

Pretty people, pretty world
But I can’t breathe
Really I can’t complain
Everything is pretty much made
But sometimes I fall
Fall to that dark and lonely hole
At its worst
Open your eyes
Scary people, troubled world
What’s happening
All the hate, the betrayal
Who can I trust
Wounded people, delicate world
Sometimes I feel the pain of others
Sometimes sympathy
Others empathy
I am okay
But they can’t breathe
Cruel people, helpless world
Where is our light?
Where is our air?
We are hurting
We are scared
Why are precious and sacred words so hard to bear?
Why do we look at each other with so much fear?
I observe silently but shed a tear
We’re all in distress, discreetly crying for help
All the kingdoms are soon to fall
Frightened people, broken world
We can’t breathe
Bless us all

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