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By: Kendi M.

This is a sonnet I wrote for an English assignment, and it really focuses on word choice. The idea is that grief is a different kind of death. My hope is that when people read this poem they will be able to connect on a deeper level with the emotions involved. I feel it is very important for individuals to realize how crucial mental stability is.

1st Place · High School Writing (2022)

There lives a very happy married man

Together, he and his wife live alone

His wife turned ill, but they stayed hand in hand

For he would never want to let her go

So he held onto her with his whole life

But eventually, he lost his grip

He’s alive but he felt his soul had died

Like life splintered and he was the woodchips

The pain grew physical as his heart ached

An unsolved puzzle with all missing parts

He felt robbed as all his happiness flaked

And he drowns, for he has a bleeding heart

All energy drained, days began to blend

He didn’t know, he would never live again

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