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By: Trinatye B.

I wrote this poems that show my mental illness. My viewers might think that you should support everyone no matter who they are.

3rd · Middle School Writing (2020)

Have you ever thought of how people feel!
Have you ever thought why people kill themselves?
Have you ever thought of why people harm themselves?

Have you ever thought that they were doing it for? It it for fun, to get their feelings out, is it because of life, judgement, bullying?

Listen I cry every night… trying to disappear from everyone, and everything… so what is left for me?

Depression is not a joke people! People die because they can’t stand living, so do you think it’s a joke!? Cause I don’t… I suffer from so many mental disabilities so my life is kinda hard people are scared of me, they don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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