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We are resilient

By: Lucia M.

This is a song I wrote. It is about resilience, an important factor in living with or through any adversity. In 7th grade I was bullied. It was after I went through this that I realized that I, and many kids who experience bullying out there, are resilient.

2nd · Middle School Writing (2020)

We are resilient, Song by The Moon Drops
Lyrics by Lucia M.

Painful words spoken to me
Gasping air desperately
Everyone is on your side
Will no one stop and listen to me

We are resilient
We have scars
We won’t be silent
We will fight, speak up, be strong

Every time I say “hi,” no one is there
When I am fifteen, I won’t care
Pain, embarrassment and fear
Our music is all you hear


Walking through the dark
Finally see the light
Open the door on the other side
Televisions dilute your mind
I will bring you flowers when it is your time


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