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Forever My Rainbow

By: Mandi B.

A close friend of mine took her life due to depression and anxiety, this is what inspired my art piece. I want readers to take out of this that you should not feel ashamed of having or talking about having depression and anxiety. And that we as the people who can help the situation should talk about it more in our schools, and have more places people can go to to talk about how they feel about it or how depression and anxiety are making them feel before they do something to regret.

1st · Middle School Writing (2020)

My gentle friend so creative and sweet

My heart has been broken by your eternal sleep

You were so artistic in your very own way

The drawings you drew me would make my day

When you danced your excitement always filled the room

Your jokes would make us laugh disguising your gloom

At the age of 13 your rainbow faded from the sky turning it black

The growing shadows of your sadness blocked your eyes from friends who had your back

When it comes to depression there should be no shame

If we just talked about it to each other we’d find we’re all the same

The heavyweight on your shoulders put untrue thoughts in your mind

If only the help was easier for you to find

You were so special to me one of a kind

You will always and forever be on my mind

Even though for now you will be gone

Your rainbow in the sky will forever shine on

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