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By: Ellen R. 

Every single person was put on this earth for a reason, but we cant all follow the same path to fulfill that. Some of us aren’t meant to fit in the world’s cut and dry cookie-cutter molds. Some people tear themselves apart just to fit the mold. They never saw how beautiful they were on their own, but now they’re all torn up from trying to be like everyone else. So now they feel lost, like a puzzle piece that fills never found its place when really they’ve been there all along.  But how do we remember what the world makes us forget? if you were a zebra, and the only way people would like you is if you climbed a tree, what would you do?

1st · Middle School Writing (2021)

Funny little things
Fragile like daisies
Where do we go when we’re alone
The world is too wide
Why are there so many
Places to hide
But nowhere to go
When you want to be found
The world asks of us
so many things
But what happens when the zebra can’t climb
the big cherry tree
When the possum can’t swim what does it do
Does it sink, down, down,
As it closes its eyes,
Left to drown,
In a sea of salty tears
The innocent know nothing of a lie,
“The fish could swim, so why not I?”
As the world goes on saying their cheers
And the world goes on without it
Suppose we aren’t all the same
What would the world do then?
Suppose we are all different devine colors and shapes
Unique inside and out
What would the world do then?
It will go on asking the zebra to climb
The possum to swim
The monkey to rhyme
And think their all dim
Because it doesn’t know
What true beauty is

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