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I'm Scared

By: Sarahi V.

Honorable Mention · Middle School Writing (2022)

I’m scared
And it’s not because of the dark,
Nor ghosts,
Nor because of loud noises.
I’m scared of the loud silence.
The sound of disappointment.
A silence so loud it hurts.

I’m not scared of the monsters under my bed,
Nor snakes,
Nor because of the little spiders on the windowsill.
I’m scared of the people around me.
Whether i know them or not,
They scare me.
Are they judging me?
Why are they looking at me?
I’m scared of them.

The higher I go in society,
The more I get scared.
What if I mess it all up?
What if I did it all for nothing?
Will I ever be good enough?

I’m scared of how high my platform is.
I’m scared that I might fall.
I’m terrified I’ll disappoint them all.
I’m terrified of the long drop I might face if I mess up.
Even once.
That’s all it takes to fall.

If I fall now what will be the point?
I may be scared,
But I can’t be scared forever.
I refuse.
I can’t throw everything I’ve done down the drain.
I refuse.
I’m scared.
Terrified actually.
But I refuse to fall.

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