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To the monster in the mirror

By: Cassandra B.

This was written for the person I wish to become. For the hopes I have for mine, and the people who are going through the same things, futures.

3rd Place · Middle School Writing (2022)

To the monster in the mirror,

I hope you’re doing fine.

I hope you’re still alive.

I hope you have survived.

The cruel thoughts that plagued your mind.

The hateful words that seemed to repeat themselves like a mantra

A constant hum of disappointment for who you have become

Who you were

Who you will be

What you’ve done

What you haven’t

What you’ve missed

While being holed up in your room

No other company but the monsters in your closet

The monsters under the bed

The monster who stared back at you in the mirror

The one who looked exactly like you

The one with the same face

Same marks

Same scars

The one that told the truth

They told the truth when they said you weren’t enough

Cause you’ll never be enough for someone

Someone has something to say

No matter what you do

No matter what you change

I hope you’ve learned that

You’ve realized that maybe that’s not the end of the world

That maybe that’s not worth risking the end of your world

Of your story of your life

I hope you’ve learned it takes time

That no matter how much you yell


Or hurt

It won’t go faster

Everything won’t heal in a day

In a night

It might never heal

I hope you learn that that’s okay

Take your time and i’m sure you’ll grow to understand what that feels like for you

I wish you good luck, and I hope you find your journey bittersweet

Sincerely, the one on the other side

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