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Music and Mental Health

By: Adhesh N.

1st Place · Elementary Writing (2024)

Music and mental health are two different things, but they have a relationship with each other. Music makes you mentally healthy. Here is my life experience.

One day, I was playing the piano when I was sad, and while I was playing it, my mental health was getting better. Soon, when I was happy, I realized that music can make people happy. Also, music not only affects you, it also affects your family and friends, and everyone else. Okay, let’s say they are mentally disturbed. Instead of playing to yourself, play for other people. My mom has to do so much work every single day and she is usually stressed out. So, sometimes, I play the piano for her and her stress goes away.

The day I played the piano, when I was sad, helped my feelings change. I was sad because something upsetting happened at school.

So, the next time you are mentally sick or disturbed, try listening to some music. It actually works for me and I hope it works for you too. Remember that Mental health is very very important.

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