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what if she's not fine

By: Emily B.

How many of us say “I’m fine” when we’re not? My own depression has led me to tell this lie time and time again. I hope this reminds people how much someone can hide behind a smile, and that maybe they aren’t fine. Maybe they need someone who they can tell when something’s wrong.

1st Place · High School Writing (2023)

maybe she’s not fine.

maybe her words are just lies

said to satisfy your belief.

maybe you’re naive

if you think she tells the truth

while her arms bear the proof

of the pain within

that’s now etched upon her skin.

maybe she says she’s okay

because she’s scared you won’t stay

and she finds it so hard

to let down her guard.

maybe she’s convinced herself

that she doesn’t need help

she can do it on her own

it’s better that way, if she’s alone.

maybe she hasn’t been happy in so long

that a smile just feels wrong.

maybe nobody would realize

it gets harder each day to open her eyes.

maybe she feels so numb

she can’t tell what she’s running from.

maybe it’s easier to ignore

the fact nobody cares anymore.

her well practiced grin

or lies about how she’s been

are the reasons she

convinces you so easily.

but what must happen first

before you recognize the hurt?

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