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Nothing is possible without mental health

By: Adhesh N.

I want the reader to think about the mental health and why it’s important everywhere.

2nd Place · Elementary School Writing (2022)

What is Mental health?

Imagine you have pizza for dinner at your friend’s house with some friends. You feel happy. That’s being mentally healthy. Now, before you could take a single bite, your friend snatches the pizza from you and eats it. You feel sad. That’s being mentally sick. Without mental health no one can show feelings to each other.


How to see other’s feelings?

If you see a person laughing out loud or having a smile on his or her face, they are HAPPY. If you see a person screaming at someone , they are feeling ANGRY. If you see a person crying , you can tell that they are feeling SAD. These feelings are a part of mental health. Show your feelings out no matter what to be mentally healthy.


Importance of Mental Health :

Mental health is very important to all of us because without it, life will be very unpleasant. You won’t be able to go to school without it. You won’t be able to meet your friends. You won’t be able to read, write or do various activities. So, that’s why nothing is possible without mental health.

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