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By: Amelia L.

In the time that I’ve struggled with my mental health, the only way I’ve truly been able to portray how I feel has been through art. Whether it was writing down everything I wanted to say or painting something quick and messy, art has helped me develop healthy coping mechanisms and, at times, help me feel a little bit better. I’ve always loved creating art, and sometimes I think it’s nice to share the things we create—to share our art.

1st Place · Middle School Writing (2022)

Do you still see that sparkle in my eye?

All I can see are the scars on my thigh


“You’re so sensitive,” you say when I try to fight back

Each time it’s like my heart’s taking another small attack


I’m trying so hard, but I never succeed

You’re always asking, “what do you need?”


Seeing you crumble, carrying my weight

Each time you cry ticks away one more day


I don’t want to hurt you, I want to give up this fight

Long ago it faded—that sparkle in my eye

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