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Sad Duke

By: Adhesh N.

I hope after reading the ” Sad Duke” story, kids will start addressing their feelings from the adult in order to stay mentally healthy.

Honorable Mention · Elementary Writing (2023)

Once, there were two boys called Duke and James. They were best friends. They always went to each other’s house for a playdate. They were always happy to visit each other. One day Duke made something he wanted to share with James and he was going to his house but he couldn’t take it with himself. He was not allowed to bring it to James’s house because his parents feared he might lose it. Since he could not show the thing to his friend, he did not feel like going to James’s house. The next day also he could not go because of piano class. “ Stupid piano class. I want to cancel the piano class”, murmured Duke. He felt very sad for not able to show the thing that he made to his friend. The parents realized Duke’s feelings and they wanted to make him happy again. So, they arranged a playdate with James alternatively. Sundays are piano break time and Duke was overjoyed because he finally can show the thing. He showed to James and he was so proud of his friend Duke.


This story is connected to mental health because Duke changed his feelings from Happy to sad to overjoyed. People’s mental health can change like this as it happened in the story. Mental health is so important to all of us because without it we cannot express our feelings. Showing our feelings is very essential because if we don’t; it can build up into a very big problem. We can share our feelings to a trusted adult like parents, teachers, coach, counselors and Principals. So, express your feelings and always stay mentally healthy.

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