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Times are a changing

By: Cassandra B.

As times change are pressures do too. These past years have felt so different, as we grow older it becomes harder to cope with these changes so we try to stay in the past where we are young and unhurt. However, staying in the past can only hurt us when everyone else starts to move on but we can’t. Is it better to stay in the past? Or to move on knowing you never truly healed?

Honorable Mention · Middle School Writing (2023)

The leaves change,

The years too


I stay the same ,

as everything around me seems to walk past,

running towards the next chapter as I stay on the story I love most


The number on the cake changes,

Growing bigger and bigger

The bigger the number gets , the less I want to take a bite,

The more the slice starts to taste like the bitter ashes of all I may never be


I have grown out of fairytales

No night lights to keep me company

I stare at the dark ceilings like it will have the answers to all problems

The reasons for me to be happy

to smile one big smile


The windows stay closed,

The trophies on the wall pile up, so shiny you can see your reflection

The reflection of a person who is already six feet under,

Shovel long hidden behind the shed of secrets I’ve had my whole life


The times change but I can’t seem to.

Do I stay here or do I runaway

From home

From here

From the problems that don’t have answers

From the person in the mirror I don’t recognize

From the bitter cake already cut

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