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To From

By: Jill S.

1st · High School Writing (2018)

To: ______
From: ______

To the boy who would rather fill his stomach with pills than food,
Who asked me if his scars were sin,
Who didn’t come to school for a week because he was in a psych ward,
This is for you.

To the girl who ran from the classroom,
The girl I found crying in a bathroom stall,
The girl who couldn’t slow her breath and just didn’t know why,
This is for you.

To the boy who hallucinates,
The one who tells me his illness is unspeakable,
And who has no qualms about calling himself crazy,
This is for you.

To the girl who dissociates for hours,
The girl who will never use OCD as an adjective because she has lived it, The girl who is afraid to go to school because she isn’t “normal”
This is for you.

To the ones that therapy isn’t helping,
To the ones who’s medication only makes it worse,
To the ones who are fighting their own minds and almost never winning, This is for you.

We’re fighting,
Not hiding,
And I swear,
We will win.

From: a girl who loses sleep to panic attacks,
Who fights depression every day and has the battle scars to prove it,
And who is fighting her head and today, is winning,
Through poems just like this one.

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