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By: Anonymous

If I’m being honest it’s 3 in the morning and I had a lot on my mind…I’m mainly just speaking from the heart.

Honorable Mention · High School Writing (2022)

I wish I had a good enough excuse like my mom, sister, and even ex-stepdad. They all had good excuses for the way they acted. My mom has anxiety and depression and my ex-stepdad was bipolar, depressed, and had a little bit of schizophrenia.

When my stepdad would get mad at us for not folding towels exactly right to the point where my brother and I would stay up till twelve until all the towels were folded in the way he wanted them. He would get mad at us for the littlest things, but he had a good excuse. So what could I do I was a kid and he was bipolar. So I did exactly as he said because he was mentally ill.

Since my mom has depression and anxiety. She can’t even get out of bed because she is so sad it makes her sick to her stomach. However, that’s what depression does to you. She can’t help it. I just wish that we can get out of the house for more than three hours before she gets a headache and complains till we go home, but she has a good excuse, wat am I supposed to do.

When you have a family full of people that have mental illnesses you have to grow up faster than everyone else. Since my mom couldn’t get out of bed I have to make dinner for my brother and me. I think it’s funny when I hear kids at my school complaining. I wish my problems were as easy. But at the same time, I’m glad it’s me and not them dealing with this because I would never wish this life on someone else. I just wish I had a better excuse for why I am the way I am.

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