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Just Keep Going!

By: Prahlad Bharadwaj S.

My piece is a poem that tries to inspire people to keep going, and never to give up in the face of a challenge.

2nd Place · Elementary Writing (2023)

Progress is none, when we never try, but just sit, and always cry. We should never fuss, but open our eyes wide, to see what’s actually in front of us. Just keep going!

Never give up, no matter what. Continue moving and the spirit will hit upon you like “zing”! Bounce back, and don’t sit still. Just keep going!

Do something, with all your zest, to make it your greatest! Be it your passion, or your most imperative test, always give your best! Just keep going!

We all know how we feel when we accomplish something. Make the world a better place, so we are not in a horrible case. Let’s make the world a better place, so we can just keep going!

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