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Why Does Mental Health Matter to You?

By: Ansh T.

I hope that viewers will understand what mental health is and how it matters to us in our daily life, I chose these specific materials because I knew that stuff around me has been with mental health and I thought I could do it.

3rd Place · Elementary Writing (2023)

Mental health is how we act around other people, how we feel, how to react when there are problems, and how we think.

Last year, when I visited San Antonio, we were going for a horse ride. We were just about to sit in the carriage, but there was the owner and a customer. The owner wasn’t giving a fair price to the customer, so the customer got mad and started shouting, screaming, and hitting the owner of the horse ride. It got so bad that the police had to come and get the situation under control by arresting the customer who started the fight. The customer’s mental health affected him in this situation because hitting and screaming got him nowhere, he only got arrested. Instead of fighting, he could’ve asked the owner for a deal, he didn’t have to fight. This shows that we face mental health issues in real life.

In another incident, I know a kid, and he always brags about how he is richer and better than everybody. He always thinks he can tell us what to do. Because of this, he doesn’t have any friends or anyone to talk to during school. If he was nicer, people would be friends with him and communicate with him. Also, people would take his help, but he would always say that they’re too dumb to do it.

Mental health can impact a lot, such as how we relieve stress, improve our memory, and help us sleep better. Mental health can be improved by doing regular exercise, going out and having fun, talking about issues with friends and family, and also doing relaxation practice like meditation.

Mental health is a very common problem, and if everyone starts to be nicer and come together, we can make a better society.

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